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Meet Lulu Simon: Everything To Know About Pop Music’s Newest Rising Star

Lulu Simon wants to be your best friend.

She also wants to make you cry, as she sings on her new summer-love anthem “I Wanna Break Ur Heart” — and the budding popstar just might manage to do all of the above with her eponymous debut EP, which serves up bubbly Carly Rae Jepsen and Kim Petras style ’80s synth beats and a host of sassy breakup bops for you to blast in the car.

“They’re definitely all on one side of the coin or the other of a romantic situation,” Simon tells PEOPLE exclusively of the tracks on her EP, available Friday. “Those are the situations that are the most stressful. So I’m like, ‘Okay, how do I untangle this thread of emotions? I’m going to write about it.’ Whereas if I’m just feeling good about whatever in life, I’m not thinking, ‘Let me sit down and write a song about this.’ I’m like, I wanna dance to other songs.”

Simon’s lyrics, layered over bright, bubbly synths, are perfectly suited for belting out while driving, which is exactly what she hoped for. “I wanted all of my songs to feel like songs to listen to in the car. … One of my favorite things ever is to be in the car blasting such a f—ing bop … those moments when you’re like, this is such a perfect moment, and I never, I don’t want this song to end.”


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Song You Need To Know: Lulu Simon, ‘Wasted’

When you’re recovering from a break-up by writing a pop song, the ultimate kiss off needs to be wisely executed. Lulu Simon, daughter of Paul, found the formula for a deliciously pissed off break-up bop with her single “Wasted.”

Hailing from the school of Carly Rae Jepsen’s Kiss, “Wasted” is candy-coated synth-bliss that feels nostalgic for recent pop history. On the deceptively upbeat song, Simon regrets the time she wasted on her ex-boyfriend who sucked up her summer months and still cheated on her. She has (mostly) moved on, recognizing that she’s at least no longer in love with him but still absolutely angry. As the song escalates, there is a lovely guitar riff that sounds like the opening chords of Sum-41’s “In Too Deep” and turns into a bubbly solo….


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Exclusive Interview: Lulu Simon On Debut Single, Upcoming Music, And Musical Legacy

Lulu Simon, daughter of musical legend Paul Simon, is taking a leaf out of her father’s book and slowly becoming a pop star in her own right. Lulu has always enjoyed music, learning to play the piano from a very young age. This intertwined Lulu into learning to play the acoustic guitar, where she found her calling. She immediately fell in love with song-writing once getting her hands on an acoustic guitar, this was only encouraged even more upon hearing Carly Rae Jepsen’s 2015 album, ‘Emotion’ for the first time.

Lulu recalled the moment saying,

“I was like oh my gosh this music makes me feel better than any music has ever made me feel. This exact moment was when my focus shifted and I wanted to start making music that made me feel like dancing and being in a convertible, while also still maintaining the intimacy as an original songwriter.”

The good news doesn’t end there as we sat down with Lulu Simon and discussed everything from her debut single, ‘Wasted’ to musical influences, dream collaborations and more upcoming music.