Rolling Stone described Lulu Simon’s music as, “the type of synth-heavy anthems that are needed for a perfect summer soundtrack.” Following in the pop footsteps of Carly Rae Jepsen and Charlie XcX, Lulu Simon is the next big pop name people are going to want to remember.

It’s undeniable that an incredibly talented pop singer-songwriter would amount from countless hours with family playing and creating music. Her impeccably toned voice will make you want to scream sing along while feeling all the emotions you felt when your ex broke your heart. Lulu had been playing piano starting at a very young age but decided to take on guitar to write songs similar to her pop-punk influences. As her guitar playing progressed, so did her addictive melodies, and her passion for pop music.

Since graduating college, Lulu has gone full throttle with her music, pouring her energy into creating her intimate 80s synth pop sound. Her older brother, Ade, has helped bring her vision to life, producing her debut track “Wasted” alongside producer, Andy Seltzer.

Her highly anticipated EP drops Aug 9th, 2019